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Elboya 2 Residence

This project was designed to suit the needs of living with an extended family. Most of the public and private functions have been placed on the main floor consisting of master bedroom with master bathroom, guest bedroom and bathroom, home theatre, dining, kitchen and bar entertainment functions and living room with a semi-enclosed courtyard area at the back. The children's suites and play area have been located on the second floor. The guest suite is designed with an independent entry through a bridge over a depressed front lawn. The exterior features corten steel, cedar, and metal windows and doors.

Our Lady
Queen Of Peace

This project is an addition to the existing church and parish hall complex. The project features a multi-purpose hall, suitable for holding small conference meetings as well as acting as a rehearsal room for and choirs. The exterior of the building features a large window area divided by mullions clad in cedar representing a cross, the symbol of Christianity. The rest of the building is done in polished concrete.

Southview Apartments

This project proposes a group of three buildings located on top of a one storey parking structure. All apartment buildings are four-storey with the maximum thre-storey step-down townhouses attached to the south buildings. The top floor units are stepped back three metres from the building face, and they are single loaded with the circulation corridor facing the internal courtyard and the lane. While creating an internal animated courtyard the proposed concept still responds well to the urban conditions of the surrounding properties.

Killarney Duplex

The building form was designed to provide for a distinctive yet cohesive reading of two residential units sharing a common property. The overall building massing is broken into smaller elements allowing for the front and back elevations to appear more fragmented and therefore scaling it down. The project steps back on the third floor further mitigating the scale. The projects material and colors will correspond well with the area houses as these are commonly used in the neighbourhood of Killarney.

Elboya Residence

Located in the 2013 flood-affected community of Elboya, this development is being built by the property owners as their permanent home. As the new post-flood evidence was available, the existing by-laws provided for communities within the flood way and fringe zones challenged new by-laws related mostly to the positioning of the main habitable floor elevation. With the above in mind the entire liveable floor area was placed above the underground garage, allowing for a compacted footprint, yet with an internal, fully-enclosed courtyard.

Homeless Shelter

The project's site is located in the community of Mt. Pleasant in the 16 Avenue North Corridor area. As this project was designed as a prototypical multi-family development for the Calgary Homeless Foundation, the project location and site specifics (dimensions, placement within a block) could change due to the CHF selecting a different site for this project. The building contains 30 two-, three- and four-bedroom units with office and common spaces at grade.

The Golden Laurel Point Singles

The architecture at Laurel Point has been chosen specifically for this site in order to capitalize on the magnificent views and to assist in creating an environment that supports the unique Mediterranean lifestyle. Buildings will have simple massing, terraced forms and rich earth tones to blend with the sloping hillsides. The definition between inside and outside spaces is blurred through the addition of generous building openings, shade arbours, courtyards and terraces.


Duke is the result of a site densification process by a leading inner-city multi-family developer on an acquired under-utilized infill lot. The goal was to revitalize the subject lot and top promote a larger-scale urban transformation. The outcome is a four-storey multi-family building which offers a wide variety of unit typologies in a singular building further broken down to several scaled down elements placed around an entry courtyard. The mix of units includes four two-storey and four one-storey stacked townhouses and 39 one- and two-bed apartments.

St. Andrews Heights Residence

The subject project is located in the North-West quadrant of Calgary in the community of St. Andrews Heights. This inner city site is planned to be developed as a primary residence for a family of four. The overall project includes the one and a half storey main residential building with a walk-out basement and a sunken patio, a private internal courtyard area, attached single car garage accessible from the existing street facing driveway condition, and a new attached two car garage accessible off the lane.

Winston Heights Townhouses

This approximately 8,000-square-foot four unit project, built at the edge of Calgary's inner city, presents a well articulated compact volume of four residential units with two similar (mirror image) units in the middle and two different and distinctive units on its edges. All elevations of the project were extensively designed in order to take away from the building mass appearance. The entire front, side and rear elevations are well articulated and provide a variety of window types, projecting elements, porches and various materials that would provide relief to the massing.

Business Park

This spectacular 60.6 ha high-technology and financial park, including hotel, conference -culture centre, research centre and commercial community for a multi-faceted development, was designed with social-sustainability in mind, allowing for various modes of transportation between its components including pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular voonerf as well as light rail system. Project designed with SCP Consultants Private Ltd. (Prime Consultant).

Mixed Use Zone

This multi-block development was designed for residential, hotel, office and light industrial and commercial uses in an urban park scheme. The master plan provides for multiple residential type buildings including market housing, rental apartments as well as long stay hotel uses. Project designed with SCP Consultants Private Ltd. (Prime Consultant).

The Golden Laurel Point Master Plan

The Laurel Point Jinqui Lake Resort and Spa will provide a comprehensively-planned complete resort Eco-community in the proximities the cities of Xianning and Wuhan offering a full mix of land uses including residential, commercial, open space, and public and recreational uses. Through smart use of principles of environmentally sensitive development, the resort will efficiently use the infrastructures and services as well as enhance and complement its surroundings while creating a unique, diverse and integrated resort community.

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